About C.M.N.Z Limited

CMNZ Mission

To help people manage differences in ways that achieve durable and equitable outcomes.

CMNZ Background

CMNZ is affiliated to the Conflict Management Network arising out of the Harvard Programme on Negotiation in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This network has companies and agencies in many countries including, Canada, USA, Europe and Australia. The purpose of this network was to establish internationally-recognised centres of professional excellence in conflict management, interest-based negotiation and influence.

Since establishment in 1997 CMNZ has become a leader in the NZ market, developing greater awareness of innovative and appropriate methods to manage difference, influence others and secure high-valued outcomes. CMNZ specialists are involved throughout NZ, Australia and Asia in designing, training, consulting and coaching in various forms of conflict management. These include negotiation, facilitation, mediation, difficult conversations, and relationship management. CMNZ works with a wide variety of public organisations, private companies and not-for-profit organisations.

CMNZ Philosophy

While there are many methods of resolving conflict or disputes we believe that the best outcomes can be achieved when all parties have maximum control over the process and the crafting of their own solutions. In this sense we focus firstly on education and training to empower parties to work more effectively with their own issues. Secondly, we provide parties with multiple choices such as mediation, consultation or coaching to assist them in achieving a long-term solution.

Our view is that conflict itself is not the problem. The problem is unresolved or latent conflict that persists and festers in an organisation, a community, or ethnic group. Conflict is an essential part of a healthy society, without conflict there is no social change, without conflict the question of "what is just" may be left unscrutinised. Conflict is both constructive and destructive. The beliefs that parties have about the nature of conflict and the procedures they utilise to manage it will determine the results we achieve.

CMNZ believes ineffective methods for dealing with conflict in its various forms can lead to wasted resources, environmental costs, reduced investment, inappropriate development, and unproductive working relationships.

CMNZ believes that good negotiation, joint problem solving, facilitation, and dispute management skills can help those with differing interests, values, and cultures cope more effectively with their differences.

CMNZ is dedicated to building institutional capacity and capability while at the same time it is non-partisan and takes no stand on any substantive issues within a conflict.

CMNZ Principles

  • The Effective and Efficient Leverage of Resources. CMNZ has a wide network of specialist skills that we want to use appropriately by focusing on what we do well -  training, third-party mediation, coaching, relationship management and process design.
  • Develop and maintain "leading edge" theory, tools and practices. CMNZ staff are committed to self-evaluation, international peer review and performance appraisal. It involves a commitment to project reviews, research and publishing. It requires continual openness to new ideas, new methods and processes. 
  • Building capacity. CMNZ is committed to building capability and capacity within and between organisations and community groups to deal more effectively with conflict. How to build conflict management skills and design sustainable conflict management systems without the need for ongoing intervention is a primary goal for CMNZ.
  • Maintaining a healthy and sustainable work environment in which talented people want to commit their energy and enthusiasm. The emphasis is on creating an environment in which people are committed to the long-term vision of the organisation and are prepared to put in place the procedures that balance their individual needs with those of the company.
  • Building and Sustaining National and International Strategic Alliances in Conflict Management. This ranges from international funding organisations and other International NGO's to academic institutions like Harvard, Massey, Victoria and Canterbury Universities, through to community groups and organisations at a local level.

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